Where Mavericks Expand Their Possibilities
(and Their Pocketbooks)

Hi I’m Shirley Joffe and I unlock genius.

If you are here, you have been searching for a new and unique perspective to create your life, career or business.

You are ready to move beyond the brainwashing and you are no longer willing to allow your past challenges to define who you are.

When others are scrambling, cowering and crowding, you do it differently.

You are one of the few who innovates, finds and creates new and different ways.

Not because you are stepping out of the race, no, you know deep within that there is a whole new and different game available to be played.

Truth is, most of you are still playing the old game.

This is your time to decide are you going to continue to be one of the masses, or

Seize the opportunity to reboot and take the spiral energy flow to the top with ease.

I help maverick female rebels like you find clarity, focus, prosperity and joy, in your life while expanding all the possibilities available to you.

My private clients come to me when they feel they have exhausted all “logical” channels and desire to experience the “Game of Life” on their terms.

It’s time for you to step up into a new world of transformative possibilities & give your life a Quantum Uplevel.

Video Testimonials

Katia Vassi
Founder of Intuitive Manifestor

Isabel Mendes
CEO of Self-Love

Joanna Lingam
Founder of Floreo

Vanya Silverten
Internationally Renowned Master Intuitive Healer

Stilyana Stefanova
Founder of Balanced Life


Elodie Thénot Paoli

CEO at Elodie Thénot
Amazingly powerful energy healer, helping you identify, and shift effectively with grace and ease (important point!) any bloc preventing you from living a life of happiness, abundance and manifestations. You can sense that she does her work with compassion, respect and understanding which is wonderful to be at ease, trust and surrender. Thank you very much I am super grateful to work with you.

Nina Caniac

CEO at Pegasus Gate
I love working with Shirley as she always takes me down the rabbit hole (with ease and making me feel safe) on a path I usually haven't even considered. And gosh I'm glad we went that path! Thank you, thank you for having my back and shift my consciouness when I need it

Simran Sondhi

CEO at SSW Lifestyle
What can I say about Shirley other than she is pure love, compassion and magic!!? She is patient, persistent and light hearted. I was feeling blocked and by the time Shirley was finished I could have floated up to the sky - I felt so expanded and free. Highly recommend her for any aspect of life, work, love and becoming the best you.

Chara Manousou

Intercultural Education
Shirley is a kind, fully compassionate and loving person. She is a professional intuitive master and highly skilled energy healer and coach. I am so grateful to have met her when she reacted immediately to an unexpected critical personal issue which arose as we waited for an event to start. She utterly transformed my life from the very first session I had with her. I have no words to express my gratitude. Totally recommended! I love you, Shirley! Thank You.

Matthew Wood

CEO at Energy Alchemy
I have had several sessions with Shirley because I love how transformative they are. She holds a wonderful open and playful space and applies her intuitive healing abilities precisely, accurately and deeply. It's so easy working with her despite the deep changes she elicits, which have had extremely positive impacts on my own work with clients and on my own internal alignment. I can't wait for my next session, and I would highly recommend Shirley without any doubt.

Sara Benveniste

Mindset & Wellness Coach
Thank you Shirley for your healing session the other day, I really needed it. My body was feeling all out of sorts, my energy was very low, I was experiencing cold/ flu symptoms and extra unwanted aches and pains in my body, anxiety like I’ve never felt before due to the difficult situation we are facing right now. It was a really calming session and I felt her calm, compassion and magical energy come right through to me and more importantly, it also forced me to start listening to my body again and reconnect with myself so I don’t overdue it and lose communication again so soon, and since then I have been paying more attention to how I am treating my body, my mood has become more positive and I have been attracting better energy over the course of the week after my session.

Radost K. Joy

Intuitive Manifestor
Shirley is one of the most kind and humble people I have ever met. Under the surface of huge glorious hair and kind smile, she is a highly educated and experienced woman who knows her stuff and is a true force of nature! Shirley is so focused on helping others and sharing her skills and knowledge though she very rarely talks about her background... so my jaw dropped to the floor when I found out everything Shirley has done in her life so far. That’s why I wanted to shout about her today as she is a total inspiration of mine.

Louise Smart Testimonial for Shirley Joffe at The Quantum Uplevel

Louise Smart

Energy Consultant
Shirley has profound “sight” and healing power!! We need her now more than ever. I’ve known Shirley since 2007. We did some training together and I trust her completely to work on my energy. Since meeting Shirley she’s become one of the most clear channels I’ve known. Don’t miss the opportunity. Book in with her. Even in the lock down. As you now have time and space to integrate new energies.

Héra Laskri

CEO at Hera Laskri Coaching
Shirley has this compassionate, playful and loving energy that helps you open up. I deeply trusted her on the first time we met. As a person and for her amazing healing skills. She helped me a lot on issues related to relationships and achieve my dreams. The sessions with her are always an amazing moment suspended in time.

Gozi Halima

CEO at Gozphilosophy
Shirley brings great compassion in her sessions whilst creating a space that is safe for you to go deep in your transformation and healing. I highly recommend working with Shirley.

Ekaterina Spasova

Healing Practitioner
Shirley's healings are deep and transformative. She helped me bring all my part awareness of lessons and issues into seeing the whole picture and release long stored tension out of my body!

Vanya Silverten

CEO at Vanya Silverten
Shirley is a vibrant coach with much wisdom and dedication to helping you transform. Highly intuitive and deeply empowering. I can not recommend her enough!!!

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